Black Angels Among Us

By Dr. Shante Williams

This book is the blueprint for angel investing. It provides you with investing verbiage, definitions, how-to’s and ways to start your own investment portfolio using different types of resources. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to start investing, but not sure where to start—you won’t be disappointed! Dr. Shante provides open, transparent, and honest viewpoints on investing, to include pros and cons. Again, you won’t be disappointed by purchasing this book! I love my book and I can’t wait to purchase more materials from her to expand my knowledge base on investing. ❤️

Teeya G.

This book is a quick and important read and a perfect reference for the first-time investor. The term investor does not do this book justice as you will soon find. Any level of investor is really doing an incredible service to the community while providing necessary support to these community businesses that are in most need of Angels. Get this book and learn how we can all make this important difference.

Charles R. Lease

I love reading Dr. Shante’s guide for beginners in investing. It gives me the extra push and confidence to release the black angel within me. I look forward to putting my money to work.

Sharon Smith Love

This book is great at getting you introduced in the world of business investing.

V Whitley

This book is a fantastic read and she doesn’t assume any prior knowledge. Even though I’ve been in the business world for a long time, I learned new things about business financing. It is all laid out in simple language without a real need for extensive math skills.


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